Connectors Project

This program is designed for health care providers who work on the front line – the people who first see a person suspected of having had a seizure. Depending on your discipline, role and practice setting, you may be responsible for the initial diagnosis and treatment or for referring the person to the appropriate provider or facility.

This program is developed as part of the Epilepsy Foundation’s Connector Project, designed to improve public health education efforts in underserved areas.   The project is being tested in 4 states – Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, but others visiting can view the videos in our Learning Management System.  

Number of Lessons: 6

Approximate Length of Course: 1 hour

Getting Started...

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Keep in Mind...
•It is helpful to do the lessons in order following the Pre-Test; however, you can do them in any order, provided that all of them are completed before moving onto the next session.

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