Epilepsy Devices & Technology

In this presentation, Dr. Bob Fisher outlines some of the key research that's being done as it relates to epilepsy devices and technology. At the conclusion of the webinar user will understand:
  • Devices that offer alternative to medicine
  • Devices and medications that can be used together
  • Devices that have side effects different from medicine
  • Devices currently available in the United States
  • Future neurostimulators, seizure predictors, local drug delievery devices, and new neursurgery method that will emerge over the next 5 years

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Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), is the leading nongovernmental agency fully committed to funding research in epilepsy. CURE’s mission is to find a cure for epilepsy, by promoting and funding patient-focused research.  Please visit the CURE website for more information.

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