Cannabidiol and Epilepsy - An FDA Approved Therapy


This webinar was originally recorded on October 10, 2018. It is approximately 60 minutes long.

Learn about cannabadiol and epilepsy, focusing on a new seizure medication - cannabadiol oil known as epidiolex. Participatns will learn about treatment options, terminology, legal considerations, medication dosing, indications for use, pharmacology, and side effects. 

About the presenters:

Joseph Sirven, MD
Professor of Neurology
Chair Emeritus, Department of Neurology
Mayo Clinic, Arizona

Barry Gidal, PharmD, FAES
Professor of Pharmacy and Neurology
Chair, Pharmacy Practice Division
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Medication Editor,

Anup Patel, MD
Associate Professor, Neurology and Pediatrics
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Ohio State University Medical Center
Medical Cannabis Editor,

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