Educational Videos

Here are some useful videos to learn more about epilepsy and seizure safety.

An Overview of Epilepsy and Seizure First Aid

Watching someone have a seizure can be scary. To give seizure first aid, remember three words: Stay, Safe, Side. In this video, you’ll learn all about epilepsy and how to provide seizure first aid for different types of seizures. You’ll hear both from epilepsy experts and people with epilepsy about their experiences.

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What’s a Seizure Action Plan?

Everyone with epilepsy should have a Seizure Action Plan. These plans can help organize information about your seizure treatment and care. A plan can help others know how to respond to your seizures. Seizure Action Plans can also be easily adapted to different situations in your life.

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What are Rescue Therapies?

Rescue therapies are taken "as needed" to prevent a seizure emergency. They are not meant to replace daily seizure medicines. Find out what rescue medicines are and when you might need them.

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Rescue Therapies for Epilepsy

Many people take seizures medicines to prevent seizures. But some people with epilepsy also need rescue therapies. These medicines are used when there is a change in your usual seizure pattern. They can help prevent or stop seizures and keep you out of the emergency room. Watch this video for more information about when to use a rescue medicines, what types are available, and how to use them.

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How to Use Rescue Therapies

This video goes over how to give rescue medicines. Make sure you receive training from a health care provider. Your pharmacist may be helpful too.

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