Annual Seizure Safe School (SSS) Act
Compliance Training Renewals

The purpose of this page is to provide crucial guidance on the availability of Epilepsy Foundation courses for the purpose of Seizure Safe School (SSS) Act annual compliance.


Verifying State's Seizure Safe School Requirements:

Please begin by reviewing your state's Seizure Safe School requirements and status by clicking the button below: 

Seizure Safe School Advocacy

This will help ensure you're aware of the regulations specific to your region. Also check your school or school district employment requirements.


Course Retake Information

Kindly note that the current ELP software does not offer an explicit "re-take" option for courses already successfully completed, resulting in a course certificate of completion. However, users have the ability to access course materials as if they were retaking the course. While no new certificate will be issued upon reviewing the content, you're welcome to revisit materials for refreshment.

To maintain the relevancy and accessibility of our courses, we undertake annual republication of our courses. This process guarantees that outdated course links are redirected to the latest versions, promoting seamless access to the most current content. This measure not only ensures up-to-date training but also safeguards against discrepancies with published documents and external references.


Course Availability Schedule

For school personnel requiring annual course retakes, the below list of courses will be available for retake between June 1-30 annually: